French Onion Soup


I am going to try and tell you how much I enjoy the traditional dish French onion soup.  There are many types of French onion soup, and the ways that they are prepared are something I can’t get over. 

The soup was introduced to me when I was a young girl, by an older woman, about 65.  It’s a long story, but the important thing is that she was very kind to me.  One Sunday we went out to dinner, and at the restaurant she recommended the French onion soup.  

I still remember the quiet but somewhat busy restaurant, and my taste buds exploding with excitement.  I remember the hot broth with soft onions that gave it a distinct flavor. The lightly golden brown pieces of French bread and the fresh mozzarella cheese on top of the bread.  The combination of all these flavors together melted into one spectacular experience.

From that day on, my love for this traditional dish only grew.  As I got older, I became a little obsessed with it.  I found that there are many different ways and styles of making it, and whenever I found out more, I just loved having this new-found information because it meant I could try every single one and see how it compares and how it is similar and different all at the same time.

My first bowl of French onion soup was an eye-opener for me and taught me a valuable lesson in life—to try everything at least once.  When I learned that, I opened my mind not only to French onion soup but to many new foods, many new possibilities, including foods I had tried in the past and had disliked, but I discovered that taste buds can change over time.  When I opened my mind, everything was possible.  

I give French onion soup five stars.