Cosmetology at the Career Center

As the only LR student currently in the program, Theresa Norris gives us an inside look at what this program h
Cosmetology at the Career Center

What does it look like to take a course in the NCCC Cosmetology program? This program allows you the opportunity to take your Vermont state boards test, which then results in your cosmetology license. You can take this program to study hair styling, barboring, nail tech, esthetics, hair coloring, and more. 

I am taking this program with the hopes of passing my boards at the end of my senior year, and continuing with hairdressing, with a side focus on nails. I’ve always loved the idea of becoming a hairdresser, ever since I was little. This program is very exciting, because it brings everyone the opportunity to try this out. If you are unsure you want to pursue a career with cosmetology, this is a free, fun program. If you decide you are not interested in this career, it still leaves you with tons of knowledge, time, and money to decide what else you want to study for. 

This is a 2 year, 2 block program, yet it may change to 3 blocks next year. So far, I am about 2 months into this program, and I have learned so much. We started with learning more about hot tools on our mannequin heads, then learned how to properly hair wash, and now we have made it to our first 0 degree haircuts. This class is very hands-on, which I love. We often practice with each other and spend some days as a ‘free day’ to do whatever you please with a friend. 

This class moves pretty quickly. The other half of the class time is spent doing our vocab words and book work. When we finish a chapter in our workbooks, we then get into groups and create a fun way to present it back to the class for extra memory. Every week you have a test on your 10 vocab words that you learned the week before. 

The salon needs to be very clean at all times, so we all have chores for the end of the day that consist of cleaning and picking up the classroom and salon. A few weeks ago, we went to Hookset, New Hampshire to a beauty distributor and got a tour of the shop. Then we were able to purchase products at the price of hairdressers, which is half the price you would pay anywhere else. This class is a very fun, hands on start to your career. Eventually, I may go to college to get a business degree to have my own salon. If you enter this program, and put your time and dedication into it, you could be a licensed cosmetologist by the time you graduate highschool.

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