A Good Year

Brooklyn Hinton reflects on the ups and downs of a soccer season that ended too soon.
A Good Year

Overall, the soccer season in 2023 was good, but it was cut too short. We ranked top 6 in division 3 soccer. Some of our goals that we achieved included scoring many from goals outside the 18 yard line, assists from our goalie Sylvie, and many defensive goals, including one from over 40 yards out by Bella. We had 3 or 4 hat tricks throughout the session, got to host a playoff game, went into double overtime against North Country, and even raised over 2,000 to promote breast cancer awareness.

Lake Region also had 2 people on our team make the all American first team. They were Avery and Madison.  Madison is a senior and Avery is a freshman. Losing 9 seniors last year was very tragic to the team, but we had many players step up this year and fill in to create a great team. Going forward, our team is going to lose some major parts of our team, including one hell of a goalie and a great center midfielder, among others. These players made a big impact on our soccer team. Filling their spots next year will be very hard, especially the goalie role. 

Our team had its ups and downs, but in the end it was cut short. The playoff game hosted by LR against Danville was a big upset, with LR being ranked 6 in division 3 soccer and Danville being ranked 11. Danville beat LR 1-0 even though Lake Region had over 20 shots on net. there just were non going in. LR had a lot of potential to go far into the playoffs, but we just slipped when we had the chance.

Despite the season being cut short, it was still a very great season and we had many great accomplishments over the year and over great seasons. 

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