Out of Sight, Out of Mind

On the unknowable and esoteric world of water filters.
Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Water is essential to human life. One problem is that if the water isn’t clean, you can get sick. Recently, people have discovered a solution to clean the water. At around 500 BCE, which is about 2524 years ago, water filters were invented, in order to purify water, keeping people safe. 

Recently at LR, a strange red light has appeared on the water fountain, puzzling teachers, students, and staff. Some speculate that it is a hoax, some speculate a political scene, some speculate that it’s signaling the end of times, and some believe it is the next coming of Christ. Some small religions have even formed around the red light, believing it to be the eye of Sauron, and hailing it as their new leader.

Above the light, there are words in a strange tongue that look somewhat like the words “water filter.” Scientists are still trying to find a solution or meaning to the strange red light, but for now, the solution is to cover up the light with a piece of tape, believing this will solve the problem and will filter the water as well as the light. The Sauronians have started to protest the tape, believing it to be against the first amendment, stopping their freedom of religion. We will bring more info on this later, when more information is released.

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