A Clear View

A Clear View

Windows. A modern invention that allows people to see the world without having to touch it. I mean, it’s so beautiful, but who wants to get dirt on their White Air forces? At around 100 CE, 1,924 years ago, people discovered that if you cut a hole in the wall, you can see through it (the Shallot does not take any responsibility for any harm in structural integrity).

A problem that has been occurring at Lake Region, is that, when teachers sit in the far back corner of the room, believe it or not, they have trouble seeing outside. Now you may be thinking, why don’t they move where they sit? Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to see through the four massive windows that are already there. But, it’s their favorite seat, so why should they be forced to move? The decision that was made was to deface the ranger. Literally.

A hole was mysteriously cut out of the ranger’s face over break. I have made a diagram below to show the change. (Yes I know my drawing skills are amazing.) People were in shambles as they had no idea what had happened. There were many who found the wood to be obnoxious, while some found it comforting and fit the aesthetic. Sauronians claimed that the sunlight was burning their skin and was very obnoxious. They want all the windows to be taken away.

Not long after, the wood was replaced with a window. This new window was significantly smaller than the ones already there, and looked very out of place. In a recent poll, 44% of people say that the new window has “changed their perception of Lake Region forever.” And yet, there is still a large portion of the area outside the windows that can not be seen. I’m still attempting to find a potential different reason for the new windows. I’m also trying to find where the Sauronians have gone, as there is a chance they burned in the sun.

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  • OrionJan 31, 2024 at 8:26 am

    wyatt is the best writer of his time. His cadence and word choice is truly unmatched and i would even compare him to the likes of mark Twain, Shakespeare, Socrates, and possibly even drake. I see many opportunities for this young man in the future.