LR Theater Press Release: Footloose


Senior Theatre Students opted to do a “smaller” fall production this year due to time constraints on the musical (I was out first week of school due to COVID, we are losing a week in Nov. due to FBLA conference) and so that they have enough money to do something in the spring (most likely a return of Dinner Theatre).

Casting is as follows:

• Ren McCormack – Matthew Frazier
• Ethel McCormack – V Trevits
• Reverend Shaw Moore – Matthew Faust
• Chuck Cranston – Lee Blanco
• Ariel Moore – Ila Camara
• Vi Moore – McKenna Blay
• Lulu/Betty Blast/Mart – Vermont Knight
• Wes/Cowperson Bob/Jeter – Cassie Weisinger
• Rusty – Annabelle Coburn
• Urleen – Charlie Edlund
• Wendy Jo – Lorelai Collins
• Willard Hewitt – Tucker Broe
• Principal Clark/Cowperson Laura Jo/Lindsay – Jeremiah Badertscher
• Cop/Garvin/Eleanor Dunbar – Lani Blanchard
• Cowperson Jude/Travis – Kavan Bradley
• Cowperson Chet/Stevie – Xander Bradley

Because we have a small crew this year, students will also fill in in other ensemble roles as needed. We are working with Julia Jaminet (Co-Director), Maia Hansen (Choreographer), Mark Violette (Vocal/Accompanist), April Streeter (Vocal Coach), and Dr. Sara Doncaster (Pit Band/Music Director).