36 Killed in Thailand


According to BBC Thai, a former policeman shot at the Childcare Center, killing 36 people and at least 10 injured before shooting himself dead with children and wife later.

This happened in the Childcare Center in Nong Bua Lamphu, Thailand on October 6 2022 around 1 pm. “In addition, Gun man is a non-governmental policeman who used to serve at the police station before being fired from government service due to drug related circumstances. The police pointed out that the motivation came from accumulated stress and quarreling with his wife”.

We believe that during attacks a gun man was probably intoxicated with methamphetamine. And choose to cause the incident at the Childcare Center because it is easy to cause an incident because the child has no weapons and the childcare Center is also located near the gunman’s home.


  • A former policeman traveled to The Childcare Center with rifles, shotguns, carbines, and knives.
  • Shoot a pair of fathers and sons before walking into the Childcare Center.
  • Shoot the teacher who tried to close the door so that a gun man did not enter the room where the child was sleeping in the afternoon.
  • Open the door and shoot the child to death.
  • Drive out, on the way to hit people, people who fall down will use guns to shoot again
  • Then he returned home, burned his own car, and entered the house to shoot his child and wife until death, before shooting himself to death.