Anything But a Backpack Day- Gone Forever

Just last week we had our first Lake Region pep rally in two years. Our Student Council even incorporated a brand new LR pride day called Anything but a Backpack Day that was met with a lot of enthusiasm from both the students and faculty. Don’t get me wrong, Anything But A Backpack Day was a lot of fun. However, we will now never have another LR pride day like it. Why is that? This is because some people took it way too far. 

Having school pride is a very good thing and can be really fun as well. But this is only if everyone keeps in mind that you are still in school and there are some things you just can’t do. People were getting too excited, and it was distracting from other student’s education. There were scratches all down the hallway because people didn’t think through their “backpack” and couldn’t move it around. We had numerous other issues as well that eventually led to the administration saying that there will never be an Anything But A Backpack Day again.

This fact is very upsetting, because people really liked participating in this. Some students can’t seem to understand that when you are in school, there are rules. This means that the rest of the school has to deal with the consequences of these students’ actions. We also had students fighting over a musical chair game during the pep rally. Yes, you read that right. Musical chairs were what they were dragging each other across the floor for.

This year’s pep rally was really fun, but it could have been much better. We should always have pride in our school, but you also have to remember that your actions reflect upon the school and can harm others. Please, next year let’s try to have a good pep rally where everyone can have a good time and administration doesn’t have to get involved.