Peyton Lackie


Peyton Lackie is a Senior at Lake Region Union High school. He is currently 17 years old. He enjoys gardening, paintball/airsoft, and cooking, which he has been doing for around 5 years now.  The most influential person in Peyton’s life is Kenji Lopez-Alt. Peyton looks up to Lopez-Alt he has made many amazing books. One of the most interesting books in Peyton’s eyes that Lopez-Alt has written is Food Lab. This gives “ . . .great scientific explanations to why exactly different things work and take place the way they do in a practical and simple way.” After High school Peyton plans to go into the field of botany working for the Wetlands Reserve Program. He wants to join an organization that works to restore wetlands and connected uplands to provide a better habitat for the wildlife that lives within the environment.