Autumn musical: Footlose


On the weekend of November 4, the local community was able to enjoy the LR’s Fall Theater production at the Orleans Municipal Building. The directors, Mrs. Gariepy and Ms. Jaminet, did a great job turning 23 students into true musical actors in two months of rehearsals. The musical? Footloose. The production starred Matthew Frazier and Ila Camara in the roles of Ren McCormack and Ariel Moore, and Matthew Faust as the Reverend Shaw Moore. The story took us to our most rebellious and dancing side, in which the entire public wanted to get up and dance to the rhythm of Footloose. The actors did a great vocal job, and the live pit band music, all arranged by Dr. Sara Doncaster, made the public feel totally involved in the play. Vocal solos such as Can You Find It In Your Heart interpreted by McKenna Blay, or Let’s Hear It From The Boy sung by Annabelle Coburn, moved the entire audience who applauded non-stop. Lots of excitement, euphoria and backslapping concluded the two sessions, leaving the audience wanting more.

McKenna, who has been doing theater for the last four years she has been in LR, affirms that this musical was one of her personal favorites. “Wonderful cast to work with” she says, “It is a really great group of people and I am really excited to work with them in our upcoming dinner theater production”. The casting, opening in January, already smells like something good is going to happen…what will the next masterpiece bring us?