FBLA in the past month


The Lake Region Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Chapter has been very active this fall. On November 2nd, 22 chapter members and business students attended the Vermont Fall Leadership Conference with 147 total attendees. This was organized by the Vermont FBLA State Officer team, two are Lake Region students McKenna Blay as the Vermont State Northern Vice President and Emma Locke-McAllister as the Vermont State Historian. These students, as well as the rest of the Vermont State officer team and staff from Norwich University lead the Vermont Fall Conference in person for the first time in two years. 

On November 9th to the 12th the Lake Region Chapter also had nine students attend the National Fall Leadership Conference in Denver, Colorado. The students fundraised through the annual Apple project to raise a portion of the money needed for the trip. These students spent a week in a penthouse in Denver, Colorado with the Vermont State Advisor Krista Chadwick and the North Country Career Center FBLA chapter advisor, Tia Judd with two attending North Country students. 

Currently the Lake Region FBLA Chapter has started their next fundraiser; their annual Fudge Project. The students have sold fudge for the better part of November and have started to hand make all of the fudge for our customers orders. This is an annual project that helps students fundraise for the State and National Spring conferences. The more time and effort put into the fudge project can result in students earning money that would otherwise need to be paid to the chapter for the conferences giving the students the chance to enjoy the State and National Conferences at no cost to them. 

The Lake Region FBLA chapter plans to keep making fudge for the foreseeable future to have all of our orders fulfilled and out for delivery by December 16th so that customers can enjoy them for the Holidays. If you have ordered any fudge from our students you can look forward to it in the coming month. After the holiday the Chapter plans to begin preparing for the Spring Leadership Conference competitions, elections, and events.


From Right to Left: Robert Montminy, Tia Judd, Krista Chadwick, Emma Locke-McAllister, McKenna Blay, Beatrice Dorella, Alexandra Micheal, Slyvia Brownlow, Betsy Calhoun, Nadia Ardid-Andres, Xavier Chapdelaine, Maia Young, and Autumn Gerrow