Evan Gentler


Evan Gentler is an English Teacher here at Lake Region Union High School. He teaches English 9, Honors English 9, Composition, Graphic Novels, and Horror and Apocalypse. Even though Mr. Gentler spends his days here teaching English at Lake Region, in his free time his favorite hobby is music, more specifically writing music. He also loves to ride motorcycles both on and off of the road. He also likes being outside, spending time with his family hiking or at the beach, and working in building and renovating projects when he has the free time. Currently Mr. Gentler is most proud of his daughter and his 25 year relationship with his wife.  He is also proud of some of the work that he did while teaching in a juvenile prison in Boston for 5 years. An example of this is helping some of his students create a documentary film on how they cope with life on the inside.  This won a bit of acknowledgment in Massachusetts educational and art circles. Mr. Gentler also helped some of his students create and record their own music. He worked to create some professional development around these and other projects, and he was able to help other teachers in that system think of new ways to make learning more authentic and meaningful to their incarcerated students. He is also proud of a short memoir he wrote about teaching at these detention facilities for his Master’s thesis, even though he has not shared it with many people. Mr. Gentler has several influential people in his life. These include his parents, his wife, his daughter, the teachers Garret Keizer and Tom Evans from Lake Region, Brian Alegant who taught him music theory in college, as well as the writers Kahlil Gibran and Lewis Carroll, and the musicians Botch and Radiohead. Something most people don’t know about Mr. Gentler is that he has a fear of large birds. Don’t worry—he’s fine with Goose in Mrs. Pastel’s room. Currently Mr. Gentler is most afraid of something other than birds though. He is most afraid of the impacts of misinformation, filter bubbles, and echo chambers in society. In the new year he is looking forward to teaching the Graphic Novels elective for the first time.