Model United Nations Upcoming Conference


Model United Nations has announced the official date of the conference this year. On April 15th from noon to six at Lake Region Union High School Model United Nations will be taking part in an online conference with currently estimated 25 other schools attending across the country.


Model United Nations is a student organization where schools represent countries around the world to discuss global issues and how to amend them. This year’s issue is the crisis that is occuring in the South China Sea.


There will be a  big meeting where you come up with a policy for the country you are representing. These countries are randomly assigned to different schools. These will then be discussed amongst the other country groups at the convocation with treaties and agreements being made between the countries so that the most amount of country needs can be met. 


At the end of the conference there will be an award ceremony for the most accurate representation of the country with the best policy. We will have lots of training in advance with Mr. Thumma our Advisor. Leilani Blanchard is currently the Model United Nations President, and McKenna Blay is the Treasurer. We have a few other members as well and are always looking for more if this sparks your interest.