Behind The scenes for LR Theatre


LR Theater has just recently finished its last production of the year, Shall we Join the Ladies. This show was originally written as a one act show by Sir James Matthew Barrie but we then had a local man write the ending to this ambiguous show, Jeff Coburn, of which we are most grateful. Shall we Join the Ladies was very joyful and fun to produce but was also sorrowful as many seniors would be leaving LR for their next adventures. Throughout the rehearsals and performances, many moments were shared that made this parting even more bittersweet. When we were preparing for this show we had to learn or better understand how British people talked and perfect our own British accents leading us to have a couple rehearsals focused on not pronouncing the ‘r’ at the end of words and the different sounds a single ‘e’ makes versus the ‘ee’ sound. Sitting around the library tables and practicing with our lines and actions for how to perform this dinner party. These fun times though numbered are hard to replace and impossible to replicate especially with the future absence of the seniors in theater. Who without, we wouldn’t have been able to have a show for this year or the past 4 for those that have been in theater since their freshman year. We are sad to say goodbye to Annabelle Coburn, V Trevits, Mattew Faust, McKenna Blay, Ila Camera, Cassie Wessinger, Chloe Currier, and Liam Lahar but wish them the best of luck in whatever comes next. During the show we had about 160 spectators who were there to enjoy the performance. The theatre department made a little over $1,400 of which will be donated to the Old Stone Museum. With collaboration from the cooking club who prepared all the food for the dinner theater experience making 335 noodles, 192 dinner rolls, 24 family sized salads, 200 servings of dressing, 11 lbs or cinnamon butter, and 240 cookies. Thank you all for this wonderful experience, from our writers, actors, and to the servers in the audience.