Lake Region’s Rockin’ Variety Show


On Wednesday, April 5th Lake Region Union High School held a student lead Variety Show. Orion Dolon, a Junior at Lake Region was in charge of the show, organizing talent, making a set list, gathering the required materials for each person, as well as introducing each act individually, and being consistently present to direct the acts and helpers into making the show a success. 

While the show was a bit last minute having only a few short weeks to prepare I would say that it was quite the success. There were a little over 10 acts ranging from solos, and duets, to larger class groups. While all acts were welcome the main focus became music because of the group of students who chose to participate. While being music focused the acts contained a wide range of talents ranging from acapela, to backing track, to an entirely improv. piece.  

While all acts did very well, and received a great deal of attention and applause, one of the outstanding stars of this night was Liam Lahar. Liam is currently a senior this year and sang two solos while playing the guitar, one of which he was accompanied by the night’s background drummer Wyatt Christianson. Liam knew his range and ability very well and sang songs that made his tone and vocals shine in a way many of the audience members did not expect. Another outstanding performance of the night was the lovely duo of Katie Kelley and her mother Amy Kelley. This duo didn’t steal the show, they stole our hearts. This mother daughter pair sang in harmony and pulled the audience’s heart strings with their joy at performing together, their smiles and love for each other were truly contagious. 

Overall the show was a hit even while being last minute and would not have been possible without the main accompaniment from Wyatt Christianson the drummer, and Dr. Sara Doncaster, our main pianist, as well as Orion Dolon for organizing the show without him the show wouldn’t have been possible at all. 

Pictured from Left to Right: Thomas Hinton, Graydon McCormick, Liam Lahar, McKenna Blay, Annabelle Coburn, Amy Kelley, and Katie Kelley.