Spring Concert


Lake Region’s Dr. Doncaster and the Music Program have done it again with another successful concert! The Lake Region Chorus students had their spring concert on April 26th in the Barton Memorial Church at 7:00 PM. 

The students sang several arrangements, ranging from African gospel music sung by full choir to more recent American Pop songs such as Stand By Me sung by Lake Region’s AP Literature class. This concert had a low attendance this year, presumably due to weather and lack of advertising. However, the students still brought their all and worked hard to make sure that even with low attendance they let the music and their hard work shine. 

There were two solos sung at this concert, one a Spanish song sung by Katie Kelley and also Hallelujah, sung by McKenna Blay. There was also a special quartet of Cantate Domino sung by Dr. Doncaster, Tucker Broe, Loreli Collins, and Lydia Knight. 

In the end, another great performance from the Lake Region Music program, no matter the conditions.