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The Library: a Student Space?


The library has changed recently. In past years it was a student space where if you had a cafeteria study hall but wanted a little more quiet you could go and sit in a semi quiet space in comfy chairs. Now there are four interventionists in the space and it is often almost deathly silent. Other times there are so many students working with the interventionists that the library is too loud to be used by other students.  


Mrs Lucas said that she is comfortable with whatever happens to the space as long as it is used. There was space for about 40 students in the library but it has gone down to about 10.  The space was also less of a quiet study hall in the past because with that many students in a space there is bound to be some disruption. 


The newer interventionists here at LR have only been contracted out for one year which may be why the intervention space in the library hasn’t become like the offices in the main lobby. The library is now more quiet and only has space for 10-15 students that could come in to do work away from a cafeteria study hall.


 The fact that the interventionists are there to help us students makes the library still a student space but it is a more structured environment.

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Max Demaine, Staff Writer
Max Demaine is a Ranger Post writer. He joined the program this year and hopes to continue writing for the post. Max likes to play many sports in his free time including soccer, baseball, skiing, cross country and wrestling. Max also plays the french horn in the high school band here at LR.