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What the Shell?

The tale of the pet turtle to Ninja Turtle toys

We all love or heard of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But sometimes things get weird. These toys were basically  kind of like Transformers but TMNT themed. These ones are absolutely crazy and will make you scratch your head on the idea of what they were thinking. 

The reason these turtles had a big chest area is because of the action feature. You could open up the shell, switch the head around, put the arms in the shell, turn over the tail, the bend the back legs into the front, and then turn over the rubber legs, and then finally you have a baby turtle in this strange specimen. Not only did they do this to the four brothers, they also did it with splinter, shredder, bebop and rocksteady, Tokka and Rahzar.

Not only that, they  did ones that could turn into vehicles, they ones that could could turn into the turtle van. But anyways, these toys were so weird and I will try to buy them myself to enjoy the oddities.

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Hannah Harris, Staff Writer
I am Hannah but online I go by sirenasparklebronytv. I am a huge ninja turtles fan and I also love other things like sailor moon, batman, marvel, and spider man. I love toy collecting and the things I like I will mostly write about.