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Almost, Maine

Lake Region Theater’s Fall Show

On the dates of Nov. 17th and Nov. 18th, there is a new theater production being introduced to the people; Almost, Maine, a story about all forms of love and how it can get to people and affect them.


The story takes place in rural Northern Maine with many different groups of people either waiting for the northern lights to shine or for something magical to happen.


There’s stories of falling in love, falling back in love, heartbreak and more! And, being the first fall straight play in a long time for Lake Region, it’ll certainly be an experience to remember.


If anyone cares to attend or pitch in somehow, the Spring show will be right around the corner afterwards, so feel free to check it out, as well as donating to the theater company so we can have even bigger productions of splendor and awe! And trust me, being a theater student myself, I know what’s going on and can promise it’s worth the watch.


So come on down to the Orleans Municipal Building if you’re up for some heartwarming and smile-inducing shows!  

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