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5 Subtle Ways to Help the Environment


As you know the world is becoming increasingly unhealthy. We know to recycle and to reuse but I wanted to share some uncommon ways to help the planet a little more.

Pretty obvious, but using a metal water bottle can force you to refill it and reuse it. There are some cheap reusable water bottles

You know those corners on the granola bar wrapper that tear off when you open a granola bar. That is one of the most found trash in the woods. It may seem little but if you go on a hike or are even in your car, make sure you pack away all of your wrappers to be sure not to be a litterbug.

Dont keep the water running while brushing your teeth. It’s a waste of water especially if you are in town.

Driving the speed limit can help with carbon emissions and your fuel usage.

If your clothes are clean, don’t wash them. It helps save energy and water as well as money.

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About the Contributor
Asa Davis, Staff Writer
Asa Davis is a ranger post writer. He has been a part of the program for a year, starting as a freshman. Asa writes random articles but is also continuing the Humans of LR articles. He plans to stay in the club for the rest of his time at LR. In his free time, Asa is a Ski Instructor at Jay Peak and enjoys hiking with his dog. He hopes to go into healthcare in the future.