Squid Game


Brand new to Netflix, the new show Squid Game quickly became #1 in the world and continues to be #1 in the US. We follow Seong Gi-Hun, a man down on his luck in the money department, who is living with his mother, and is about to lose his daughter to his ex-wife. He gets what seems to be “the opportunity of a lifetime”… Along with 455 other strangers he wakes up in an unfamiliar place with strange clothes wearing a number, it is then that they learn they will be playing children’s games in order to win billions of dollars… The plot thickens as they finally realize that when someone gets eliminated they must die. You may have seen the new tik tok trend going around where people attempt one of these challenges to see if they would survive the game. People have been recreating Dalgona candy or Bbopgi, a toffee-like treat made of sugar and baking soda brought up on the show, thankfully they do not get “eliminated” if they break the wrong piece off but they are having fun recreating this korean game. These people we meet form relationships with each other but at the same time must battle it out with each other. There seems to be a new twist at every corner with the different people we meet and the outsiders that somehow get involved in the secret games… If you are into horror and mysteries this is the show for you.