Poetry Unbound


Last week I started listening to the podcast called Poetry Unbound guided by Pádraig Ó Tuama. I have enjoyed listening to this podcast because it gives the listener space to contemplate the poem that is presented. Each episode is around fifteen minutes. Pádraig starts by reading the poem; each poem varies in concept and length, and all of them are different, yet each of them has many layered themes that really allow the listener to deeply reflect upon the poem. After he reads the poem, Pádraig analyzes it from his perspective, allowing the listener to think on their own but also letting them become aware of the many layers of the poem. Pádraig also talks about the writer’s background and poetry style. After he analyzes the poem, he re-reads the poem; this really allows the poem to sink in. The format of this podcast makes me enjoy it. With other podcasts I’ve listened to, I’ve had a harder time relating really being intrigued by the poem. I invite you to listen to one episode with an open mind and see what you think. One recent episode that I really enjoyed is the reading of Worm, by Gail Mcconell. I really loved this episode and poem, because they really explored the connection between the natural world and the human world by linking human experience to the worm. It also created a sense of present awareness of the listener.