OMORI Review


WARNING: This game is based around sensitive topics such depression, derealization, and suicide. If you are sensitive to these topics then I do not encourage you to play this game!

Do you enjoy indie RPGSs? More specifically, do you enjoy psychological horror RPGs? Well, look no further than OMORI, an indie RPG by the team OMOCAT just released last year. It can be found on the gaming store on Steam for only $20. The game follows a selective mute boy named Sunny. After a major accident he feels guilty for causing, he closes himself off from the world for 4 years, creating a fantasy world inside his mind with an avatar named “Omori” (who you start off playing as). Everything seems fun and happy, especially while going on adventures with a group of friends. However, as the game progresses, Sunny’s guilt begins to seep into his dreamworld and he soon has to face both the outside world (and the sudden changes that have happened in the past 4 years) and the repressed guilt that he’s kept inside for so long. Omori’s post-game lessons are based around how important friendship and forgiveness are. If you’re looking for a good story-driven game, then OMORI may be for you.