Tucker Broe


Tucker Broe is a Freshman at Lake Region Union High School. Tucker is currently 15 years old. When in school Tucker enjoys being a part of theatre. Tucker’s greatest achievement is saving his best friend’s life. Tucker’s hobbies include Reading, Singing, Cooking, and overall being a goofball. World History is Tucker’s favorite class. This is because it has one of his favorite teachers Ms. Pastel as well as the fact that he has always enjoyed history as a subject. The most influential person in Tucker’s life is Katie Kelley. She is someone he met during the theatre program. He says, “ She just always seems so assertive and hard working, but she can still have a good time when she wants to, and honestly, I respect the hell out of her, even though she might not know it.” A lot of people don’t know that Tucker is part of a comedy set. This means that he goes up on stage and performs a type of comedic act. Tucker is currently most afraid of failing all his classes and not graduating high school. He also said, “Heights is second. I absolutely hate heights.”