Thomas Hinton


Thomas Hinton is a 16 year old Junior at Lake Region. This year Thomas is participating in Cross Country and Soccer. Previously he had participated in many other activities including Band, FBLA, and indoor and outdoor track and field. His greatest achievement is qualifying for the indoor track and field nationals for the 4×400, which he did along with Wayne Alexander, Cole Alexander, and Quin Snedeker. For his hobbies, Thomas enjoys hunting, running, and playing either the trumpet, saxophone, or piano. Thomas’s favorite class is Spanish, because it’s very engaging, as well as the fascination involved when learning about a new culture. Thomas is currently in Spanish 4 and plans to continue learning Spanish throughout college. The most influential people in Thomas’s life are his family and the school staff, because they have supported him and shaped him into the person he is today. He says, “I would just like to thank them so much for everything they have done for me!” Something most people don’t know about Thomas is that he is a third generation Lake Region student. He is also the first generation planning on going to college. He plans to study medicine and later become a surgeon. He is currently the most afraid of becoming so overwhelmed that he will no longer be able to help those around him. This year Thomas is looking forward to his classes and all that he can achieve within them. He is also looking forward to indoor and outdoor track this year and hopefully breaking another school record, either on his own or with others.