Katie Kelley


Katie Kelley is a 16 year old Junior at Lake Region. During school Katie enjoys Jazz band, House band, select chorus, chorus, being the sports reporter for the Ranger post, as well as participating in both indoor and outdoor track. Katie’s hobbies include anything with cars, trucks and dirt bikes. As well as, singing, sleeping, and acting. Katie’s favorite class from this year is AP Psychology. Out of the many people influencing Katie for the better, the most influential is her brother Josh. She says that he is someone that many people want to be in life since he is extremely kind, an inquisitive leader, and he always pushes himself to do the best he can do. She goes on to say “He is one of the best people I have ever met and I strive to be like him someday.” Something most people don’t know about Katie is that she owns a dirt bike and has survived cancer. She is most afraid of failure. Whether it is in school, work, or her personal life. She always works extremely hard to avoid it. Katie is currently looking forward to being back in person and having a more normal school year.