LR Jobs Survey

How much did Lake Region Students work over the summer? How many are still working? How many have cars? Are they working for a future career?


There is a strong cohort of Lake Region Students who work long hours over the summer and during the school year. This raises many questions. How does the expectation of working long hours affect educational quality? Are juniors and seniors choosing less classes in order to fit a work schedule? Is this beneficial to our society or does this raise questions about the value of education in our society?

Sixty-eight percent of all students worked over the summer. Fifty-three percent of students with a job worked the whole summer. Just 33% didn’t work. The majority of students either worked the whole summer or didn’t work at all.

Juniors worked the longest number of weeks over the summer. The average junior worked for 7.3 weeks, followed by seniors who worked 5.5 weeks.

On average, juniors worked the most hours every week during the summer than seniors. Seniors work the most now though. Students work far fewer hours during the school year than over the summer.

There’s a drop off at about 15 hours per week of work during the school year. Very few students work more than that. During the summer, many students are working over 40 hours a week.

Very few students (1.9%) work after school or on the weekends but didn’t work over the summer. A third of students only worked over the summer.

It would appear that more Juniors have cars than seniors. The survey got only 12 responses from seniors, a rather small sample size. Nearly three in four juniors have a car.

Of students who own a car, 44% worked over the summer and are still working now. A quarter aren’t working now and a quarter didn’t work over the summer but are working now. About 3 students who have a car didn’t work over the summer and still aren’t employed.

A whopping 18% of working students say their work is connected to a career they plan to pursue. It appears that the vast majority of students are working just for work.