FBLA Spring Conference


Our FBLA Lake Region Chapter members competed in many different competitions at the state level of the SLC Spring Conference. They have exceeded expectations with placements in many events. Fourteen members of our chapter participated in the leadership conference.

The President, Anna Sacco, took First Place in HealthCare Administration. Vice Presidents Fintan Letzelter and Benjamin Pellizzari also did quite well in their rankings. Fintan took First Place in Business Calculations and Business Communication. He took Second Place in Marketing, Organizational Leadership, and Political Science. Fintan took third place in Advertising.

Benjamin Pellizzari took First Place in two state events. They were Advertising and Sales Presentations. Benjamin took Second Place in the Job Interview event. Benjamin took third place in three events. They consisted of Business communications, Public Service announcement, and Organizational Leadership.

Sage Conely, our chapter Secretary, took first place in Introduction to Event Planning. She took second place in Marketing. Sage received third place in Introduction to FBLA as well as Management Decision Making.

Raymond Lemrise, the chapter reporter, took second place in two events. They are Introduction to FBLA and Introduction to Financial Math. He also was awarded third place in two events. These events are Introduction to Business and Job Interview.

McKenna Blay, the chapter Historian, was awarded First Place in five events. These events were Introduction to Business,Introduction to Business Procedures, Introduction to Pailmentarin Procedures, Introduction to Public Speaking, and Organizational Leadership. She took Second Place in Advertising, and Business Communications. She took third Place in Introduction to Business Communication.

Isabelle Brown took First Place in Computer Applications and Cooper McCormick Second Place in Website Design.

Dylan Markum received First place in Computer Problem Solving. He took Second Place in Cyber Security. He also received third place in Word Processing.

Madeleine Racine took First Place in Introduction to FBLA. She took second place in two events. They were Introduction to Event Planning and Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures. She took third place in Introduction to Financial Math and Management Decision Making.

Schuyler Butterfield took second place in Website Design.

Emma Locke-McAllisterwas awarded Second Place in five events. They are Computer Applications, Health Care Administration, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Business Communications, and Introduction to Business Procedures. She took third place in Website Design.

Local Chapter Member Ila Camara took first place in three events. They are Introduction to Business Communications, Introduction to Financial Math, and Journalism.

Some events were done in teams. Any people with the same placing in the same event were on a team together and worked together to receive their scores.