FBLA Fudge Project


Lake Region’s FBLA chapter has been hard at work making a special treat for the staff of North Country Hospital. Due to COVID, all school fundraisers have been canceled including the traditional FBLA fundraisers. This, however, has not discouraged this year’s students. Lake Region’s FBLA chapter have turned these usual fundraisers into community service projects and have focused them on thanking the community for the hard work that they have done for themselves and others in the community.

Around this time of year, the FBLA chapter participates in doing a fudge project. They make tons of fudge to sell to those who would like to purchase this tasty treat. This year, instead of selling the fudge, FBLA donated it to the staff of North Country Hospital. The students recognize how hard everyone has been working to improve our way of life and adjust to this stressful time. At the beginning of this pandemic, the hospital staff had to risk their lives by continuing to work. They are still at risk of being exposed to this new virus and FBLA wanted to commend them for their bravery. The FBLA group did not want the fudge project to go to waste and it was decided to take this opportunity to thank these hard workers. The FBLA students worked for 6 days and put many hours into making this happen. Their time was spent on making the fudge, cooling, cutting, wrapping, and then the packaging. As the deadline came closer and closer to finishing this, the students, and especially Betsy Calhoun, their advisor, have gotten more enthusiastic and excited about how this all came together.

The FBLA students have even decided to take it a step further this year and expand their thank you to the teachers of their own school. The Lake Region teachers have been working really hard in adjusting to an entirely new schedule. FBLA members hope to show their gratitude to the teachers and the hospital staff for their hard work and dedication.


Anna Sacco

Ben Pellizzari

Cooper McCormick

Dylan Markum

Belle Lemrise

Raymond Lemrise

Emma Laber

Fintan Letzelter

Ila Camara

Isabelle Brown

Madeleine Racine

Megan Hapgood

McKenna Blay

Sage Conley

Saige Bennett

Schuyler Butterfield

Cassandra Weisinger

Emma Locke- McAllister