Adrienne D’Olimpio


Adrienne D’Olimpio is the Spanish teacher and National Honors Society (NHS) Advisor at Lake Region. At Lake Region, Adrienne teaches Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, and sometimes 5. Adrienne’s greatest achievements are her two kids Duncan and Zoë. Her hobbies include knitting, quilting, watching movies and some really good TV shows.  She also has a small cupcake business that keeps her busy on the side.  

When asked about the most influential person in her life, Ms. D’Olimpio responded with, “​​Not one person, but all the kids I have taught. Seeing you all come in as little freshman, just figuring out who you are going to be and watching you all grow up and become young adults is a pretty awesome way to spend your work day. I am well into my 2nd generation of students-shout out to Aidan Poginy!-and it is pretty amazing to be a part of so many peoples’ lives over such a long period of time. Plus I love that in my job I get to laugh pretty hard at least once a day. Generally at myself, but that’s okay.” 

Something most people don’t know about Ms. D’Olimpio is that she has been a teacher for 34 years. Within those 34 years, she has taught across 5 decades and 2 centuries. Adrienne is most proud of her kids, one of whom is a 5th generation teacher. The other is working on becoming an engineer to help fix the world. Right now, she is most afraid that school is never going to be the same, that we have all forgotten how to smile, and that when students take off their masks she will not be able to recognize any of them. She is also nervous that the pandemic will never end and that she will lose one of her parents to COVID-19. For the coming year, she is looking forward to finally being able to take masks off in school. Even though she worries she won’t be able to recognize anyone, it’ll be nice for her glasses to not fog up all the time.