Sara Doncaster


Dr. Sara Doncaster is the Music Educator at Lake Region Union High School.  Sara teaches Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, Select Chorus, Music Theory for Singers, Music Composition, Music History, and AP Music Theory. Her greatest achievement is the Warebook Contemporary Music Festival. She co-founded this festival and helped run it for 20 years. Dr. Doncaster’s hobbies include gardening, canning, being in nature, reading, knitting, and writing poetry. The most influential people in Sara’s life are her parents. She says, “They taught me about stewardship and making the world a better place.” Something most people don’t know about Dr. Doncaster is that she had a corporate background. When she was in graduate school, she was an executive recruiter for a worldwide search firm that specializes in the energy industry. She is most proud of coming from a farm family, and all of the music that she has written. Currently, Dr. Doncaster is concerned about racial, economic, and social divides within our country. In the new year, she is looking forward to the music festival and finishing her opera during the summer of 2022.