OCSU Boards Approve Equity Policy


After months of discussion and debate the Lake Region School Board has approved the equity policy. This specific topic has brought a lot of discussion in school board meetings and this has resulted in a lot of debate and polarization within our district. This also coincides with a national movement of polarization surrounding the topic of Equity. The issues brought to the board were focused on how it would be implemented and interpreted. 

The Lake Region Board in March will have a retreat to have deep discussions concerning the next steps to ensure equity at Lake Region, beginning with results from a student climate survey taken last spring.

On December 1st 2021 the Elementary board approved it with a vote of 9-3. On December 20th 2021 the Lake Region High school board approved the Equity Policy with a vote of 8-2. 

Some community members proposed a policy that would be adopted in addition to the equity policy. The purpose of this resolution was to dispel concerns that some community members had that an equity policy would push a specific agenda in classrooms. These resolutions proposed were not adopted by the board. Most of the Lake Region Board felt that the resolutions contradicted the equity policy and would in the end be restrictive. 

Lake Region Board member Dave Blodgett saysI believe Lake Region has been very mindful of providing Equity to students but is always trying to improve” And thinks that the board adopting the Equity Policy simply means “the adoption of this equity policy is an affirmation that Lake Region and OCSU are determined to provide equal access and opportunity for all its students”.