Mask “Protest”


Originally started by a student at Lake Region, screenshots of this message were shared across snapchat on Tuesday as an attempt to end the wearing of masks at school before returning from break. North Country students soon joined the “protest” adding “also North Country” at the top of the snap. Even though many reposted and attempted every student at both North Country were wearing masks on Wednesday. Tuesday night Principal Mess sent out a message informing students that when they came back they would still need to wear masks and teachers would be at the doors to provide masks to students. The “protest” was originally inspired by a few schools in different states lifting their mask mandate for students returning from break. According to CNN some schools in California, Oregon and Washington state are lifting mask mandates. The mandate for masks is a decision not made by Lake Region specifically or is enforced because of one certain teacher. Students wear masks in school because there is a state mandate. As of now schools have to have 80% of students vaccinated to be considered for a lifting of mask mandate. 

After the phone message from Principal Messier, the mask “protest” never materialized.