Tressa Urie


Tressa Urie is a Freshman at Lake Region. She is currently 15 years old. During school Tressa participates in the RangerPost and the Social Justice League. Tressa is also Lake Region’s student ambassador to the Vermont Climate Report Card Committee with Vermont Digger. Outside of school Tressa is part of a Cross country ski team, and a discussion group. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors doing activities like hiking, biking, and exploring. While inside Tressa loves to read, mostly fictional books but sometimes nonfiction when it is well written. Currently Tressa’s favorite classes are Science and History. Her favorite class tends to change depending on what they are learning in class at the time. Tressa loves to learn about science and her environment around her as well as more global knowledge. Tressa really enjoys learning new topics and perspectives through culture, and history. Tressa says that science and history are connected in many ways and likes to see what has happened and is happening in both. She says “I think that different teachers and other people I look up to have all influenced my life in different ways which has really shaped me into who I am.” Tressa is the most scared of what the future holds but still excited to finish this year and continue to learn new and interesting things.