Board Elections


On March 22, 2022 the OCSU had an election for board members for each of the OCSU school boards. The winners for Lake Region board were as follows: for Albany, the winner was Richard Carbonetti, with 205 total votes. Walter Earle came in second with 203 total votes. For Barton, the winner was Gerry Cahill with 312 total votes. However 64 voters left their ballots blank. For Glover, the winner was Jason Racine, with 319 total votes. However, 40 voters left their ballots blank. Lastly, for Orleans, the winner was David Blodgett, with 271 total votes. Ben Morley came in second with only 105 total votes. These were all three-year positions. 

For the Elementary/Middle school board, the winners were as follows: for Barton, the winner was Fredrica Very, with 266 total votes. David Doucet came in second for Barton, with only 162 total votes. This was for the 3-year seat. The 1-year Barton seat was won by Toni Eubanks, with 414 total votes. For Brownington, the winner was Amanda Ticehurst, with 291 total votes. Jacob Hastings came in second with 152 total votes. For Irasburg the winner was Vicki Gentler with 305 total votes. Becky Dion came in second with only 151 votes. Lastly, for Orleans the winner was Cameron Cook with 295 total votes. Daniel Johnstone came in second with 13 total votes.