Stopping Drugs at LR


Concerns have been expressed by members of the Lake Region community in recent months about the possibility of illegal drugs being sold and used in our school. Students, parents and faculty want to be assured that drugs are not being welcomed into schools without  repercussions. One member of our school community weighs in on this topic to tell us what’s being done to keep drugs out of our school.

Lake Region’s school resource officer, Deputy Kirsten Smith, says that the best way to curb this issue is for students to report what they observe to a staff member. Smith explains, “Report it to any sort of staff member, whether it be a teacher, a paraprofessional or me.” She makes it clear that no students should take it upon themselves to handle this issue. “No, students shouldn’t be confrontational with others. Report it to an adult.” With regard to how issues like drugs in Lake Region would be dealt with, the SRO states that consequences would be put in place. 

So, is anything being done to restrain drugs from being used and distributed in our school? The SRO says that she’s on the lookout. “I stand outside of bathrooms, and I do go inside the girls’ bathroom to check for drugs. I look in trash cans, under the sink. If there’s reason to believe a student is carrying drugs with them, the administration will search them,” she says. She went on to say that suspicious activity is also being noticed. “Students shouldn’t be in their cars, so when I see someone in their car, I check and see what they’re up to.”

If you are currently using drugs, Deputy Smith strongly encourages you to ask for help. “Go to whoever you’re comfortable with, and that adult will point you in the right direction. People can also come to me and I’ve got resources for students struggling with addiction. Now is the time to seek help.” Deputy Smith points out that she’s concerned with the drug problem in schools, and she even visits classrooms to present the dangers of drug addiction. “I’ve visited Ms. Gonyaw-Worth’s classroom to share presentations that lay out the dangers & issues with substance abuse.” 

Deputy Smith is already doing everything in her power to prevent drugs from circulating at Lake Region. Now, it’s up to students and faculty to help her succeed.