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My name is Asa Davis and I am a sophomore. I am a writer in the Ranger post and am continuing the series “Humans of LR” that former writer McKenna Blay started. My goal is to share the things that people don’t know about the community. I like to ask some personal and generic questions for people to answer. My goal is to ask people the kind of question that you really have to think about.

In this edition, we have Max Demaine answering questions.


If you were a type of tree what tree would you be? Try to give me like one sentence on why.


I would be one of those tiny trees that are on top of mountains because then I would be around snow for the longest amount of time. And they look like they are wicked strong but not taking up any more room then they need to.


What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is saag paneer, it’s this Indian dish that has fresh cheese mixed with pan fried greens and my mom makes it sometimes to go along with Indian curry, and fancy rice which has exotic spices, loads of butter and golden raisins in it.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I used to race cross country mountain biking but then the pandemic happened and I got more into skiing.


You’re into skiing, why do you ski and what is your goal for it?

I ski because I can get into a flow state and chase perfect form while also getting steadily faster. I also do it because it’s cold out during the winter and it’s the only sport I do where I won’t get wicked sweaty during races or games. I want to at least go to the olympics but hopefully I can medal there in biathlon because the US hasn’t got a medal in biathlon there yet. 


Do you have any super random hobbies that you like to do?  

I like to do thousand piece puzzles on my own. It’s cool how I can take a bunch of tiny pieces of cardboard and arrange them in a way that makes a pretty image.


You live on a farm. How many animals do you have?

I live on a dairy farm and we have about 40 milking cows and then 20ish younger ones. We also have three sheep that are the bane of my existence because they can jump wicked high to get out of fences and when I shear them in the spring I always get a wicked sore back.

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About the Contributor
Asa Davis, Staff Writer
Asa Davis is a ranger post writer. He has been a part of the program for a year, starting as a freshman. Asa writes random articles but is also continuing the Humans of LR articles. He plans to stay in the club for the rest of his time at LR. In his free time, Asa is a Ski Instructor at Jay Peak and enjoys hiking with his dog. He hopes to go into healthcare in the future.