Opus 36 Music Competition


On Tuesday, April 26th, there was a celebration in Saint Paul’s cathedral in Burlington. It was the final event relating to a music composition contest. Eric Edlund and Cole Alexander composed music for the Opus 36 concert. This featured 25 original works from students around the state that were chosen from nearly 80 submitted compositions. They were then performed by a live orchestra for the students to experience becoming true composers. Mr. Dam, one of our English teachers, also attended this event in the support of his daughter. His daughter, Maaike Dam, is a student at Saint Johnsbury Academy, who was also chosen as a composer at Opus 36. Mr. Dam says, “It was really neat…It was a really cool thing where students got to be in charge of the performance”. The students who were chosen got to experience their music live and be in charge of the way in which professional musicians portrayed their pieces. He said, “to hear their own piece performed in front of an audience and to hear the audience’s reaction to it was a really cool part of it”. The fact that students from across the state got to hear their music performed live, and to hear how it was received by other people who have never heard it before, was really an amazing opportunity. Congrats to Cole and Eric!  


If you are interested  in listening  to their work you can find it here!