Model United Nations Club


Have you ever heard of Lake Region Model United Nations? Well now you have. Model United Nations AKA Model UN is a club held every Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 8:10 in the morning. This is an interactive club where you learn about historical and current worldwide politics. In this club you and your team are assigned a country to learn about and then make policies for in the setting of NATO. While this sounds a bit bland there is a very dedicated group of members and an even more dedicated teacher. While the students learn about the country they are representing they bring in food and listen to the country’s music. They find fun ways to be immersed in the culture and country they are representing. At the end of the Model Un club this year there will be a competition. Making policies with your team to make the best fitting one for your country and others and argue why you are correct. The country with the best policy wins the competition and so forth. If you are looking for a club to learn more about the world around you and experience new and different things from around the world contact the club adviser Mr. Thumma in room 207 or contact one of the Model UN officers: The President Leilani Blanchard, the Vice President Matthew Poginy, or the Treasurer McKenna Blay.