Spirit Week

The four-day event was more successful than expected.


Spirit Week at Lake Region Union High School successfully took place recently. Spirit Week took place from Tuesday, September 7th to Friday, September 10th. Spirit Week consisted of Twin Day, School Color Day, Flannel Day, and Pajama Day. School Student Council Co-Leader, Ms. O’Hara, said it went well overall, considering it was held earlier than usual. The student council is considering holding another spirit week later in the school year in hopes of gaining more student involvement. She added that it’s difficult to have student involvement because freshmen and sophomores are just getting used to coming to school daily, after last year’s in-person learning was replaced with remote learning. She said that the hope is freshmen and sophomores will participate more in the next spirit week. Mrs. Penniman, who also leads Student Council, agreed with Ms. O’Hara that there was a great turnout, in regards to spirit week participation.